Today in American History - Learn Daily Facts and Events about the USA App Reviews

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Thoroughly enjoy the app

A lot of information that I would never have heard probably without this app.

Today in American History

Too many errors, should be Gerald Ford not General Ford became President, and B25 hits Empire State Building not a B52. Creator needs to proof read better before he posts. If kids are expected to learn from this app the the information needs to be correct.

Interesting app

As a history buff, love this easy way of seeing what happened i American History on any given day.

Does what it purports to do.

Gives daily anniversaries for American history. Basic features, but it does its job well 👍🏼


I like it.


I never really got into history, but this app has really piqued my interest and I've been looking up and reading more about US history. Awesome app!!

Great info!

Love looking at this first thing in the morning. I learn what the exciting and interesting events happened on the current day. I then share it with others throughout the day.

Great Information

I just downloaded this app and I'm actually really happy with it. It's a great way to learn American history every day with the tap of an app!

Educational app!

Great tidbits of historical American history facts and a good source of trivia answers! Provides accurate information and a good summary of important historical events in our nation.


This app is a fun way to learn American history in a small way each day. It provides a few facts regarding specific historical events that occurred on that particular calendar day.


Many people in today's society neglect American history because of technological advancements. However this app implements American history on a technologically advanced device. It allows people to learn American history easily without having to refer to a traditional textbook. Overall a great app

Good app t know American History

With the busyness of today's high-tech world, many are not interested with any of the american history. But with this app, people can find facts and some trivia in order to know more about the history. As for me, I like this one coz I can share this to my kids of whom I homescooled.

Can't see all of it

Needs to be adjustable. The end of the message usually gets cut off.

Almost perfect

I have only had the app for a few weeks and it helps in my class a great deal. However, how can you miss Alice Paul's birthday?!?

Daily dose of History!!!

It's ok...I can see at a glance what happened in History!

No Florida?

On March 3, 1845 Florida was granted statehood as the 27th state. The app didn't even mention it on March 3rd. That's upsetting since I'm from Florida.


It reminds me of my history some times (born in 1940) and all that came before

US today in history

Nice to have but wish was more detailed.

History buff!

I love this app, it is one of my absolute favorites! I'm all about American history, and this is just so cool learning new things every day.

Basic-but not bad

The app is decent but very basic. Too many birthdays for my taste. I did catch a couple of errors. They had the Yorktown sinking in 1944 when it was 1942. Hopefully they pay more attention.

Waste of time and 99 cents

Deleted after 45 seconds, the time it took me to read all the info

It's just an OK app

But missed the anniversary of the Battle of Antietam on 9/17th...only the bloodiest single day of battle on U.S. soil. I would also link each event or person mentioned to its Wiki page. The background pic obscures the text and arrow commands.

Today's History

I like seeing information on today's events in history. I usually post to Facebook. I would like to see more events listed.

Adequate and informative

This is a good app for daily history. The only complaint I have is that it just doesn't list enough events. In my opinion, there should be more than just 2 or 3 entries per day.

Good app

Overall a good app. Too many birthdays of obscure people. Not enough emphasis on 18th & 19th century.

Only fair

As a historian i have found errors in dates listed for events which put others in question. I never use a dated event from here without confirming with another source. Otherwise pretty good.

Great educational tool!

My kids love reading today in history. It often leads to more research or discussion!


Great app !!

Great App

It would be nice to have a brief description of the lessor known people and events.

So informative!

My friends love these facts!

Great conversation starter

As a retired history teacher I really enjoy this app. However every once and a while the wrong year is given.

Very nice app

Quite interesting although I've caught a few grammatical and date errors which look to be typos.


Great but check your spelling

An instant "Flashback!

Great way to start your day. I like to see if it's "history" I've learned or "history" I've lived through. It's also a great conversation starter. *Careful with the spelling errors.


Good stuff... Thanks!!

Daily History

I like this update everyday... one of my first four or five eye openers. Lacks just a bit in accuracy especially grammar and spelling but history is A+. One thing about getting older is I can remember way too much of this stuff first hand.

Great app

Great app. Needs too be in order on a time frame maybe great for conversation and unknown events

History at Hand!

Nice app for history buffs! Fun to look at each day and see what events are chosen to feature. A daily ritual!


I luv this app. Great conversation starter. Maybe one could be made with scientific discoveries.

Great Product

It's great to see an app such as this one. Good information, good product and lots of fun! Give it a whirl !

HS Teacher

Have "on this day" on the board in my classroom American History

So fun!!

I love looking up the obscure holidays for each day! 


I love this app it gives us a little bit of unknown history

Whole family likes the info!!



I really like this app

Pretty good

Some interesting facts. I would suggest that facts be put in order. Otherwise, good app.


Although mildly interesting, I found the info at times either lacking or incorrect. Save your $ and time.


Not always correct, but always a good conversation starter.

Very good, sometimes

Am a trivia/history fan and this is mostly entertaining. For the most part the facts are correct, but the dates wrong. Would suggest that if you think something is incorrect look it up. That might sound dumb, however, I tend to question things on a regular basis (especially the print media).

This is nit accurate

If you like learning a lot of non- facts, you'll love this app. There are too many mistakes fir this type of app. There should be none. If when you alert the developers if mistakes, they don't care, they never fix them. So, if you like inaccuracies, you'll live this app.

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